16 Apr 2014

9 Valuable Steps to Make Moving Easier

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Are you like most people and don’t enjoy moving? We all face moving at least once in our lives. If you are contemplating a move, or just beginning one, follow these steps to make your move easier.

Step 1 – Early organization is the key.

The sooner you start packing the better, your out-of-season items are the perfect place to start; then pack items you won’t use anytime soon, leaving the things you need now until moving day.

Tip: Set aside photographs, videos, slides, photo CDs, and negatives; pack them together in a separate carton. Combining them with household items could damage these family treasures.

Step 2 – Label your boxes.

Avoid the confusion of boxes being put into the wrong area of your new home; label each one with the corresponding room, also mark what is contained inside.

Step 3 – Pre-clean your new home.

If you can get into your new home before moving day, pre-clean the bathroom and kitchen, this will allow more time to focus on setting up your new home.

Step 4 – A sure way to pack plates.

Pack your plates vertically, like vinyl records, they will be less likely to break.

Step 5 – Photographic memory.

Take the guesswork out of electronics. Taking photos of how they’re connected will help you remember how to reconnect them, and which wire goes where. This will save you time and also a headache!

Renters take photos of the home you are leaving, once it is cleaned; and your new home prior to moving in. It is your only proof if you should need it.

Step 6 – Change your address.

The Postmaster recommends changing your address at least two weeks prior to moving. You can do this online at www.usps.gov. The Post Office has a moving packet with change of address post cards; you can also retrieve them online. Send them out to keep your magazine and newspaper subscriptions uninterrupted, and to your bank, credit card and loan companies.

Step 7 – Clean your refrigerator.

Defrost your refrigerator at least one day before moving, wiping it clean of any residue or liquid, giving you less to do on move-in day.

Step 8 – Use the right size and strength of boxes, it makes a difference.

As a rule, using a lot of boxes is better than stuffing too much into one so you have fewer boxes, damage can occur. Make sure not to put heavy items in a weak box, or to use exceptionally large ones.

Step 9 – Keep your valuables with you.

Any legal documents, important papers, jewelry, and money should be put in a safe place like a lockable briefcase and kept with you on moving day.