Moving Tips & Info

Moving Tips & Info

“More is less”

As a rule, it is better to pack your possessions into too many than too few boxes.
Damage can occur when customers try to pack too much into boxes that are too large and weak. Professional movers would rather move 100 well packed right sized boxes than 50 inappropriate ones.


The movers will dismantle your beds and set them up in your new residence


Books should be packed in small, strong boxes as tightly as possible.


Canned Goods

Pack upright in small, sturdy boxes. Please do not pack more than 24 cans or 50 pounds in a box.


Wrap china and all fragile objects individually in paper. Heavier pieces should be placed on the bottom and saucers, mugs, glasses, cups etc should be placed on the top of china boxes. Plates and dishes should be placed on their edges in the bottom of the box. It is also recommended that at least 5’ of crumpled paper be placed at the bottom of the box before packing begins and 3’ of paper should be placed on top of the box before it is sealed. A layer should also be put in the middle of the box.


Our crew will move your hanging clothes from closets directly to wardrobe boxes. You can pack small clothing items in suitcases or linen boxes.


Small clocks can be wrapped and placed in boxes. We will be responsible for wrapping and protecting grandfather clocks.

Drawers in furniture

We prefer for drawers to be completely empty when we move them. Articles such as light blankets, cushions and pillows may be left in drawers.


Dispose of food that might spill or spoil enroute.
Pack in book size boxes with containers upright.


These should be completely defrosted a day or two before the move. It is advised that they also be aired so as to avoid a musty smell.

Glass tops of furniture

The movers will handle padding, cardboard crating and safe transportation of these.


Stemware and glassware should be wrapped individually in paper and placed on the top of china boxes. Do not nest unwrapped glassware in each other. Place glassware right side up and not on their sides.


Keep valuable jewelry in your immediate possession

Kitchen Utensils

Should be clean and placed in boxes. Heavier items should be placed on the bottom while lighter items should be placed on top. Toasters, irons, waffle irons, mixers etc can be wrapped individually and placed with other kitchen utensils.


Remove ornamental tops and put in a safe place. Small lamps may be wrapped and placed in boxes.

Lamp Shades

Wrap in clean paper only and place in boxes marked “fragile.” They may be nested but do not pack them with anything else.


Our crew will wrap your mattresses before transportation.


Wrap individually and place them upright in small boxes.


Will be wrapped and moved by the crew. Mirror tops will be taken off and reinstalled at destination.

Paintings and pictures

Small pictures or photos can be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and packed in book or china boxes. Large and valuable pictures must be padded and wrapped for moving; our crew will be responsible for that.

Records, tapes and CDs

Pack records on end, side by side. Use small boxes only.


The moving company will not assume any responsibly for living plants. These should be placed in open boxes.


See freezer above.


Our movers will handle rolling and protecting the rugs before transportation.


Wrap in paper or tissue and pack in boxes.


Must be wrapped before moving. Our crew will be responsible for that.

Toilet Articles

Seal the stoppers of cosmetics, medicine and perfume bottles with masking tape before wrapping separately in paper and placing upright in small boxes.


If they are valuable, please wrap separately. Otherwise they can be placed in small boxes without wrapping. Leave them accessible until the end of the move out.


Legal documents, all important papers, jewelry and money should be handled by you. Please keep them in your possession.